Half Past Done

So the main bulk of the tour is coming close to the end and I’m using this day off to clear out the old hotel room keys from my wallet and chuck out the mountains of old newspapers I seem to have.  It’s been great fun so far catching up with friends old and new and playing with some amazing people including Tom McConnell and Smoke Fairies. The last show to wrap up the main UK run of dates is tomorrow (3rd of June) at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff with Scriber, all the details can be found here. This is going to be my biggest headline show in Cardiff to date so it would be ace to see as many of you tomorrow as I can.  After this I will be off for a run of shows in Cornwall before heading over to Germany for a few dates there.

I also recently did an interview with Last year’s girl which again you can find here.

I think that’s all I need to say for now, I better go back to my attempts of finding a coat like Harry’s from 3rd Rock on eBay.

See you at the bar



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