It’s all over now

So finally my album ‘Moon Palace’ was released today. It’s felt like ages since it was finished so it’s such a huge relief for it to be finally out for everyone to possibly buy. It’s available from the usual digital outlets, Bullo Pill Recordings and my ace friends at Spillers Records in Cardiff and Diverse Records in Newport. I really would like to get the album in to a few other stores as well so if you own or work in an independent record shop get in touch or if you just want to buy it from your local tell them to get in touch and I’ll sort it out.

One minor hitch with today is the Vinyl hasn’t arrived yet.  There was a slight problem at the pressing plant so all I can do is apologise and I will do all that I can to get a copy to any of you who pre-ordered it as soon as I have them.

The upside is I’m having a blast on this Tour. Most tours I do on my own and so having some of my best friends from Music Box with me is making the whole time absoloutely amazing. Friday saw my first apearance with a full band and I’m worried I’ve caught the bug now, I think we might be seeing a few more full band shows later in the year. So a big thanks to Mark Foley, Jack Egglestone and Stuart Michel for helping make it happen.

I think that about covers what I needed to tell you today, I think I’ll finish this pint and head over to the Musician in Leicester where I’m playing tonight. I might have some more exciting news in the coming days and check the gigs section of my website to find out where you can catch the rest of the Christiaan Webb tour and a few solo shows along the way.

Catch you at the bar.


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